Welcome to Stars Over Africa’s Website

Stars Over Africa is a student run fundraiser in the form of a variety show, that with the help of some very special teachers, began in 2008 at Rosa International Middle School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  We came together to raise money for  our sister school,  Awegys Secondary School in the small village of Kigo, Uganda.

The students had the initial idea to produce a variety show.  Eventually, we organized a group of student and teacher advisors who led auditions and practices. After a year of planning, the first Stars Over Africa occurred on May 29, 2009.  We raised exactly $1000 that helped build a well for the school. That was pretty amazing. We knew that we started something great. This was going to be an annual event.

In May of 2010, we created a second Stars Over Africa with even more students involved, including: a lighting crew, a sound crew, stage hands, and a production crew. Artistic students designed t-shirts and a beautiful backdrop. Our amazingly organized students helped round up the performers and keep track of everyone. But most importantly, we had created a Stars Over Africa family that lives on today as we embark on the next part of the journey--the 3rd annual Stars Over Africa.

Stars Over Africa™